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  1. Your house is so lovely it could take any colour. Now, I’m not too familiar with a US kitchen door concept so I can’t help you there. But, I do have a suggestion: paint all the window frames red. No yellow. just the same red as your main door. And send us a pic.
    Just scroled up to look at your house again. Just love it. And it is nestled in the middle of so much green. Wow. let me know whenever you want to sell it. 😉


    • Thank you Brian! I wish I could paint the trim on the windows but it is covered with a trim. That will be a much later project when windows are changed it. I refer to it as a kitchen door because it is kitchen colors…yellow walls with red accents. The colors remind me of a kitchen.

      The door has been painted all red the next day..updating post tomorrow..

      I told my kids that the house must always be 60% owned by a Forchion descendant so if you wish to marry into the family I will consider selling it…lol don’t tell your wife.


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