My neighbor is a Turkey?

Since I moved into my home the house next door has been vacant.  Periodically someone would come around and cut the grass but I have yet to meet them.

While washing dishes tonight I noticed some movement on the side and back of the house.  Of course I had to inspect and see what is going on.

As I step outside with camera in hand I see them just tasting the grass and check out the house.  It looks like they were debating on whether it would be a good fit for their family.

Time will tell if they decide o take over the house.

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  1. Are they wild turkeys?

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  2. Could be worse creatures for neighbours….

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  3. Haha. They know Thanksgiving is still a while away…

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  4. I have seen about fifteen of these together. We live in the country. Better not get too close to them!
    The other ” fluffy ” ones…are scary!! They will attack a person. Or anything. I saw some on a funniest video show on tv. Lol… yep, stay away. 😉

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