Beauty and the Beast

I bought a tray of flowers the other day and when I was about to plant them I discovered what looks like an ancient creature from the stone age.

I kinda resembles a grasshopper.  Does anyone know what it is?

that face1

that face2


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  1. No idea what it might be, but I know I’d have run like mad from it?!

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  2. The colors and the beast are fabulous.

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  3. It’s cute! Does it hop, or crawl – or fly?

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  4. Brilliant title. Looks like a grasshopper. There are so many different types with different patterns for camouflage. Although it’s not working for him on your gorgeous pink flower!

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    • Thank you Desley! Lol camouflage clearly not working for him today. I did a Google search and there are indeed tons of grasshoppers. It resembled a few of them but none was exact.

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  5. No idea, but I love your title!

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  6. Ewwww…it is a grasshopper. I dont know what kind…but its ugly and it jumps!!! Ever see the ones they call thumpers down by south Georgia and Florida? Ouch… those will thump you!!!
    I threatened my husband with divorce if he put one of those one me! 😉

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    • No I have not seen those. I’d rather deal with a bug instead of a snake any day… as long as the bug does not bite or sting.


      • I had a black snake graze the back of my leg once. I thought it was a twig I stepped on. Good thing the snake was not poisioness.
        I fished a pygmy rattler out of the swimming pool once with a net. Those are bad.


        • I probably would have hard a mini stroke after I removed the snake from a pool or anywhere.

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          • Well..we got out of the way fast. Lol.
            I’ve caught a few with the rake on their neck. That one was a kingsnake. I don’t think they are poisonous.
            My daughters boyfriend used to have a really pretty orangish color rat snake. His gramdma told him to get that snake oit of the house because is..? Something to do with satan…lol. so I told him bring it over. We kepte it for awhile. Fed it too. I used to let it crawl on me. time it went through my sleeveless They don’t try to bite. My mom has a big boa constrictor. I didnt mess with it… was eating chickens by that time. And they can wrap around you and put the squeeze on you! 😉 I would hate to have to cut the poor things head off….to get it to quit. But it was pretty too. I found the cobras to be interesting as well as beautiful. 🙂
            I also cleaned a womans house once who had a son that had a room full of snakes. She asked of it would bother me and I said no. He had a big collection.
            At one time I was thinking of taking up working with the venom serum that people needed. The guy was quitting and needed to pass the information on.
            You just got to be really careful….
            This was in Florida when we lived there.

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      • I had a bad experience with a grasshopper once when I was a kid. It bit me and spit brown yuck on me. It was huge too. Ever since then, I wont touch them. Unless I find a smaller one to throw into a garden spiders web. 😉
        Darn grasshoppers eat everything I try to grow.

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