Prima Ballerina

Recently I have not taken many picture but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I bought these flowers a while ago and can not remember their name (nothing new for me). I like how the buds hang low and then when it blooms the petals go up with a little swirl to them.

Prima Ballerina

Prima Ballerina

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  1. What a beautiful image.

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  2. Beautiful Picture! I am curious now what kind of flower it is 🙂

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  3. Beautiful image. thank you.

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  4. Beautiful as always Ms. Robin, just like you! God bless and Happy Saturday to you and yours…

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  5. Definitely a picture for the top of a chocolate box! Rich, dark and beautiful with a touch red velvet.

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  6. It’s a cyclamen – my hubby calls them cycle men!

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  7. This flower make me believe in magic 🌸🌸🌸

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  8. Quite a lovely flower. Unusual shape.


  9. Lovely picture, they’re called cyclamen

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  10. Travel Nurse April


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