7 Days of Nature Challenge (6/7)

Mother Nature has thrown a tantrum

The calendar says that spring arrived on March 20 which was twenty days ago.  Now Mother Nature must not like us telling her when to start Spring so she had to let us know that she was was not finished with winter yet.  She blanketed part of the north-east United Sates with varying degrees of snow.

Here in NJ we got a bit more than a dusting but not too bad compared to what some got out in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here are some pictures from my part of the world.

Snow Tracker

When will Spring actually arrive?

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  1. Poor flowers, it looks cold. Is it rare that you got snow this time a year at your area?

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  2. Wow! That’s amazing.

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  3. Seriously? That is not good for the flowers… 😦

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  4. the flowers still look so gorgeous!

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