Adventure 2

About 2 weeks ago Arai and I went on our second adventure into the woods.  I never noticed that there is a trail that the folks that ride 4 wheelers use is just outside my yard.  So on this day we decided to take that trail instead of wandering aimlessly.

Most of the pictures of Arai were of his back.  I had to keep telling to slow down and wait for Mom-mom and of course I got the why and I had to admit that I am old and can’t run as fast as you.  A few times the look he gave aid “you need to hurry up Mom-mom”.  So I had to distract him with looking up at the trees and looking down at the new plants springing forth.  But that did not last long he wanted to keep going.


Arai likes pirates and pirate maps.  He knows that “X” is where to find the treasure.  Before Spring is over I will be making a treasure map and hiding different treasure for him to find.  Only problem I see with this….who will takes pictures?


Thanks for visiting and sorry for the picture over load!


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  1. What a lovely enviroment you got as a neighbour now. Lovely pictures of your adventure and to keep up with children that age is though. I really liked the pictures of Arai throwing stones in the puddles. He is a real sweetie.

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  2. Love your splash captures and your “point of view”. What fun you guys had!

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  3. ThePhotoEnthusiast

    Adorable! Great pics!

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  4. A lovely adventure. HAve taught your grandson to “ricochet”?
    Have to look it up in english. Wait a sec… Hmm. Looks like it’s the same word.
    You know, with a round flat stone over the water?

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  5. Don’t apologize! Your pictures capture the joy of discovery! They are adorable! 😀😀😀

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