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Brotherly Love….

….and Sisterly Affection.  That is what Philadelphia,  PA represents.


This is my entry for this week’s photo challenge: One Love.

This was taken December 2014 at the Christmas Festival in Love Park.

Make sure you check out the other interpretations of One Love.

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Weekly Chore

Dusting furniture,  washing dishes,  taking out the trash, and mopping floors are all chores that I would rather do than laundry.  I miss having my kids at home.

This evening I spent and hour and a half at the laundromat and another 45 minutes folding clothes.  But on a positive note it is one less thing for me to do over the weekend.

What is the one household core you would like delegate to someone else?

laundry day

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Work Oasis

As of this post the temperature in my part of New Jersey is 79°F. Another perfect day!

I am enjoying my Work Oasis but I am not alone.  Today there are plenty of visitors getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather.

I snuck a few shots of them on their walk.

Work Oasis203

Work Oasis201

Work Oasis202

House the weather in your neighborhood?

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Spring is here….

….well almost.  Today’s temperature here in New Jersey is 72°F. PERFECT!

Officially spring won’t be here for another 12 days but I am enjoying it anyway.

Here is a lily from last year.   Hope you like.

spring like


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Walking in Harmony

Going thru some pictures looking for something that I felt fits this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge: Harmony  I remembered I had these shots from my visit to Batsto Village.



Man with his best friends



Hearts and steps in sync with each other


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A view into the past

Batsto Village

After the little ones explored the weird on Sunday my oldest daughter and her husband did shine more exploring.

We venture to Batsto Village. I have not been here in about 2 years. The last time was for a car show.

It was a nice relaxing day.  Weather was perfect and company was even better.


To live in Batsto Village there were certain rules that you had to follow.  The things that people had to endure back in the day.  I am glad that we now have the labor board.


Thanks for taking a step back into the past with me!





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Only One Remains

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor


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From the Forest Floor – Teepee



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