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Behind the Veil

For my final sunset post I present to you Behind the Veil.  I drove about 1 mile from the first set of sunset photos to a lake to hopefully get another great shot.

The color started to change as the sun dropped even more.  Now I am able to see a bit of purple and pink in the clouds.  Although the color is not as dramatic as the fiery orange from the earlier pictures, I still like how it came out.

sunset 3 3-17-16

Behind the Veil   

sunset 4 3-17-16

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WP Photo Challenge: Dance

This is straight out of camera (SOOC) from my beautiful and dramatic sunset from last night.

I believe this fits this week’s challenge, Dance as it appears to be a roaring fire in the sky.

Fire always looks like it is dancing to me.

sunset 2 3-17-16

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