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Weekly Chore

Dusting furniture,  washing dishes,  taking out the trash, and mopping floors are all chores that I would rather do than laundry.  I miss having my kids at home.

This evening I spent and hour and a half at the laundromat and another 45 minutes folding clothes.  But on a positive note it is one less thing for me to do over the weekend.

What is the one household core you would like delegate to someone else?

laundry day

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Work Oasis

As of this post the temperature in my part of New Jersey is 79°F. Another perfect day!

I am enjoying my Work Oasis but I am not alone.  Today there are plenty of visitors getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather.

I snuck a few shots of them on their walk.

Work Oasis203

Work Oasis201

Work Oasis202

House the weather in your neighborhood?

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