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Sundays is usually the day that I take a drive to a new place or down a street that I have never been down before to see what I can see.  I would then post a Side Street Sunday.  Well the storm hinder that from happening this weekend so I did the next best thing.  Took a stroll in the woods in almost knee-high snow.

This was an adventure to say the least.  I have not done something like this since I was a kid.

I love looking at the snow resting on the branches and leaves and how it just glistens in the morning sun creating areas of brightness and shadows everywhere.  It was refreshing!


This is the last of the snow pictures until the next storm hits.

As always thanks for visiting it is very much appreciated!


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  1. Marvelous shots, winter can be really beautiful and breathtaking and you captured that perfectly! Stay safe and warm and thank for sharing.

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  2. Lovely photo’s if winter and snow. The close-up of the bark is super.

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  3. Love the pics! Snow is beautiful I must say!

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  4. Very nice photos Robin. I like the cold winter light on them. Interesting that you set out on sundays to explore new places. Quite adventurous. 🙂

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  5. Such charming photos, Robin. Thank you.

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  6. These are fantastic photos, and I loved your commentary with them. Reminds me of when I lived in your country for a decade. I moved from the heat of Queensland, Australia to initially MI and for the most part, WV. My neighbours in WV were amused I’m sure to see this Aussie bloke wandering around in the first snow of each winter, camera in hand, with a big smile, no matter what the temperature was. I was like a kid I guess. Now back home in the midst of a very scorching summer, your photos brought back many wonderful memories of doing exactly what you did — oh and I also loved to drive down an unknown street in town, or an off-ramp on the interstate. To me, that is living life – exploring and experiencing. All the best from Brisbane, Australia.

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    • Thank you Kim! You leave warm weather for the freazing cold winters of MI?!! WV is better still cold like Jersey but better than MI. The snow is beautiful and makes for wonderful pictures and some good snowball fights for the young.

      I am glad the the my photos brought back some good memories for you,

      I have not done much exploring lately due to the move but exploring is what its all about. Have to get out and learn your surroundings and experience new things or yu get stale.

      One of the main things that I really enjoy about blogging is meetin new people that have similar experience. It helps to make this huge world seem just a bit smaller.

      Enjoy your weekend!!!

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      • Yes, I know many of my friends in Australia as well as your country thought it was odd to move to freezing winters. But I have always preferred cold weather. So it was a pleasure – but that said, I haven’t forgotten how hard it is to get around etc. it’s the beauty and stillness that I lived so much.

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        • I love the stillness immeiately after a large snowfall. You don’t even hear the birds chirping. It is a beautiful silence. After that I am ready for it to be gone. Only love it the first day.

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