Jonas Came for a Weekend Visit

As most of you know a blizzard, named Jonas, came and hit the northeast section of the US pretty hard this weekend.  The majority of us have been snowed since friday evening until this morning (well if you were lucky to get your streets plowed).

Yesterday we were feeling very optimistic during one of the low points in the storm about getting our cars cleaned so we ventured out to begin the task.  It felt like we were shoveling a ton of snow.  But we/they got us out.

I was able to capture a few shots before I fell for the third time and busted my butt and head on the car which was my queue that it was time to go in.


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  1. Love the stylish boots, great shots. Stay warm!

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  2. I’m sure you’ll be glad when Jonas goes home! I saw similar boots on another blog. Must be the latest fashion! Hope things return to normal soon.

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    • Thanks Patti. Jonas is gone now and we are getting back to normal. I always wore the bags as most times the snow is higher then the boots making then useless.


  3. I would say you earned some relaxing time inside! Where do you live again? How much did you get from Jonas, we got 3 feet!


  4. Like the boots…
    (Your b..ack ok? A fall on snow/ice can be hard…)

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