A Witches Mop

My first thought when I edited this pictures was the mop from the Mickey Mouse movie “Fantasia”.  I first watched this movie back in the 1970’s

After I watched the trailer I realized that my memory was a bit off in the way I remembered how the mop looked.  Although it is not the same as Mickey’s magical mop  I see a mop, maybe it is a witches mop.

Do you see it or am I still a bit confused.

Witches Mop

Witches Mop

Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Fantasia

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  1. Sukanya Ramanujan

    It’s such a beautiful photograph- great composition!

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  2. I can see the mop but then I can see a beautiful flower as well, our imagination is an open source…


  3. It is indeed a magical broom. Delightful. It sweeps me away!

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  4. Either way it is a beautiful flower.

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  5. Beautiful. Yep, I see it in there 😊

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  6. ‘ts a mop all right, but given its size it could be a fairy’s mop.
    Good title Robin


  7. Great title. The shot looks good in black and white too.

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