WP Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

This weeks WP Photo Challenge is Weight(less).  I decided to do the weightless version for this post.

Clouds.  What is a cloud? A cloud is a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground and are untouchable.

Cloudy Day 1

Cloudy Day 1


Cloudy Day 2

Cloudy Day 2


When I was a kid, and even sometimes now as an adult, I would look to the clouds to see what mystery shape it created.  My brothers and I would always challenge each other to see who could find the best shape.

Have you ever looked to the clouds to see what shape may be emerging?


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  1. Clouds is an ecellent choise for this weeks wpc-theme, I thought about that myself. Really nice clouds you’ve captured!

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  2. Great shot!! I love cloud pics.

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  3. We recently added on to our home and now have east and west views. This has allowed us to ‘watch the clouds’ & sunrise/ sunset on a regular basis. Such a relaxing way to pass time 🙂 great photos.

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