70° and Counting

Today and tomorrow the weather folks think that we will have record-breaking temperatures for December.  Today it reached 70 and tomorrow it is expected to reach 72.

I am celebrating this warm weather by sharing some pictures from this past summer.

I know I should not celebrate all this potential record-breaking weather this winter because at some point we will pay the price.




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  1. That is warm for this time of the year Robin, like you said, by Christmas it will probably be 10 degrees F!! Lol!! Great photos to go with your warm weather 🙂

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  2. Over where I live it’s always warm during Christmas, because it’s Summer. It’s Spring now though, and there has already been some record-breaking numbers.

    Awesome photos!


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    • Thank you! Global warming is in full effect.
      I keep saying that one day I am gonna move back to a place that is always warm. I did live in Arizona for a couple of years then I decided to come back to New Jersey (why???) Thats right I missed my family.

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  3. A late indian summer? 😊 another blogger (states don’t know where but i assume northeast) found a small open rose in her garden yesterday. 🌹

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