Global Warming?

Today I went out on my Balcony Oasis to finally clean up the dead flowers.  To my delighted surprise there was a flower in bloom and another one sprouting a new leaf.  I know that these particular plants should have died off by now and patiently awaiting spring like the rest of us.

The weather here in New Jersey has been pretty mild for November.

Have you seen any unusual blooms this season?

Azela from mothers garden

Azalea bloom from mothers garden

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  1. And what a lovely summer color, too!

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  2. Very beautiful! 🙂
    I was watching a science show yesterday, and they stated that only 61% of the population believes that global warming is occurring.

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    • Thank you Tom! I believe in global warming. I remember as a kid by mid october it was generally freezing and a few times we had real snow by Thanksgiving. No we are lucky if we get more than a dusting of snow by Christmas.


  3. ILovely flowers. Support my personal stand on Global warming:
    a) I do not see how one can pretend there has been an increase of 1.5 degree celsius in the last century when world temperatures can range from -70C to +50C at same time across the world.
    b) I support global warming. Canada will become a tropical country and I will be able to emigrate from Mexico to the beach in Canada.
    (Tongue in cheek, of course)

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