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While cleaning out some old SD cards I found some images from May 2015 that I never uploaded (always preview before you format). So here is a little remembrance from Spring 2015 when my balcony oasis was still blooming.

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  1. Yes Digital cameras are great but I find more and more now how the pics stay in my camera! As to before when you always ran out to develop that precious roll of film! Thanks for sharing1

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    • That is the one downfal of digital. Most of our memories are stuck on the camera or on the computer. Rarely are they printed. I do try to print some but it gets costly with the ink and of course you never remember to bring your card with you when you go to the store.

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  2. Yay! It’s spring again!

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  3. The opening of a flower is always a wonder to me.
    Thank you for this reminder of Spring in those dark hours of the coming winter.

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