WP Photo Challenge: Careful

Today I did not feel like eating leftovers for lunch so on my break I went to WaWa to get a cup of creamy potato soup with a buttered roll.  This is so good.

On the short ride to WaWa I past a small stream.  For the past 5 years I have been passing this stream that has an old wooden bridge.  Each time I pass it I say to myself that I need to pull over and takes some pictures.  Well today was finally that day. On the way back I carefully pulled off to the shoulder of the road and took a few quick pictures.

The colors were perfect!


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(This is a broad interpretation for his weeks challenge)

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  1. It is gorgeous, Robin. I know the feeling of having to satisfy a craving with a trip to elsewhere. Stopping to take in a sight that you normally take for granted is a good mood lifter. It probably why you were moved to set aside the leftovers today. x


  2. Fabulous. Gorgeous colours. That soup sounds good!!

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  3. The wonderfulness that is Wawa was limited to those of us in the greater Philly area until recently. The chain has expanded to Florida, of all places. Out on “the street” as I often was, the red logo was always a welcome sight. If not for a quick snack then the clean bathrooms were not to be passed up when in that need. But the hazelnut coffee is the winner and the Italian hoagie (no, not a sub or , e-gad, a sandwich) is the perfect lunch when paired with a bag of kettle chips.

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    • There is nothing out there that compares to a Wawa.

      When I was out west (Arizona) I never realized just how much I appreciated and missed them. Perfect hoagies (definately no subs or grinders) soups, whatever you wanted for a quick bite was there. A bit costly for some things but that is what you pay for convenience. Oh and don’t forget about the super Wawa’s with lower gas prices the other stations.

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  4. Carefully you stopped and took some great photos. Wonderful job!

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  5. You have your own Giverny Monet bridge…

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    • If it was only arched. The colors and lighting were perfect.

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      • There is a museum in Paris that I love: Marmottan. Full of immpressionists, including a rare display of Berthe Morisot. There is an exhibit of several Monet paintings of his famous bridge, over the years as he gradually lost his eyesight. The last one is almost random brushstrokes, he was practically blind. Yet, if you squint a bit, the bridge is still there. His eyes were gone, but not his memory nor his hand. 🙂

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  6. Robin, this takes my breath away. Wow!

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  7. Amazing that you passed up such a magic opportunity for so long! Sometimes the things on our doorstep deserving of the most attention are simply overlooked in favour of more distant objectives.

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