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Iron Ranch Stables

I have passed this horse ranch many times. Today I finally decided to stop in and see if I can take some pictures of these magnificent creatures.

A young woman that keeps her horse,Wilbur, on the ranch gave me permission to take some pictures.  Unfortunately I neglected to get her name.

She stated that Wilbur (brown horse) was a former race horse and he is about 3 years old. The white horse is about 18-20 years old.


This next horse Winnie belongs to the owner of the ranch.


All of the horses that I met today were very friendly and came right to the fence as I approached.

Come back tomorrow to see more pictures of the horses at Iron Ranch Stables.


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Lasting Beauty

These roses have been around for a while,  long after the beauty has lasted.

It is now time for them to go in the trash.  This is one reason I prefer plants to cut flowers.  I hate throwing them away.


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Side Street Sunday

Taking my Side Street Sunday drive I came across Rowand Pond in Clementon New Jersey.  I have driven past this road many times but never ventured to see what was there.  I am glad I decided to take a minor detour.  Although the first picture makes te pond look big it is actually kinda small.

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