A Bit of Wilderness – Work Oasis

Today I decided to make a really short video so that you can see where I go to relax on my lunch breaks most days.


This lake could be anywhere in the middle of the wilderness but it is located at the end of a parking lot that holds hundreds of cars daily.



I am surprised that I do not see more people here releasing some of the work stress that we deal with on a daily basis.


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All comments welcome.


(Updated to add to this weeks photo challenge, Happy (and Relaxing) Place)


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  1. Must be one of the prettiest parking lots I’ve ever seen. One actually catches a glimpse of a few cars in the last fraction of second.
    Where do I send my job application?
    (For the lunch break only)

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  2. How wonderful to have such a pristine lake so close to the middle of the city… here, one lonely football pitch sized piece of lawn, looking like and used as parkland, has recently been borded over, construction underway, sigh. You are lucky to have such a beautiful place to go to for your lunch break.

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    • Yes it is definately a welcome place a a mentally tressful day. I is sad to hear that your local park is going away. Hopefully they will still include something for the community.


  3. Beautiful pictures! Such peace.

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  4. Bravo Robin. An informative presentation. The pictures themselves make a person want to travel there to unwind. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Would be honored to do so Robin. Thanks for the invite. Enjoy the day.

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