WP Photo Challenge: Boundaries

In front of and behind boundaries at Liberty Park when we went to visit the Statue of Liberty.


The Statue of Liberty is a symbol that represents “Liberty and Justice for All”.  She was the first major object that many people saw as they entered the United States after leaving the confining boundaries (in some cases) of their native countries.


Face of the Statue of Liberty

         Face of the Statue of Liberty

Thanks for visiting and make sure you check out the other boundaries that are out there.

All comments welcome.


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  1. Thank you Santosh!


  2. Love it! On my bucket list….the statue of liberty….

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  3. Great shots. I’m really drawn to the line of people.

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  4. i’m glad it re-opened. I understand it was closed after the hurricane that hit the east coast a few years ago. My daughter then lived in NY. Close to the meat market. No light for a while.
    Were you guys hit too? NJ?
    (Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was a present of France to the US of A? The first smaller cast is still in Paris, on the seine river)


    • The coastal areas of New Jersey got hit pretty bad. Some still have not rebuilt their homes. I am about 45 minutes inland so we got heavy rain and wind but no major flooding.

      Yes I did know that and I read that some Americans were upset that we had to pay for the foundation to be built for the statute. Felt that if it was a gift then France should pay for it.


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