Only the Tail

While on vacation two weeks ago I was able to see a “pod” of dolphins going in and out of the water.  Although this image is a bit grainy you can see the tail of the dolphin.

It was beautiful to see these creatures against the colorful sunrise.

Dolphin Tail

Dolphin Tail


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  1. I’ll be in Florida in a few weeks and always enjoy catching sight of a few dolphins. Thanks for giving me a preview.

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  2. Isn’t it beautiful? Love seeing them. So playful…

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  3. Dolpins are really special. It must be fantastic to see them in real life. Nice picture.

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  4. Great color in this shot, too.

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  5. Lovely. And a lovely rendition. Not easy with that light to get such a small “subject” well featured.
    (We used to see swarms of dolphins go by regularly from our African house by the sea.)

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