After the Bloom has gone

After the Lilacs bloom and the fruit ripens, we are left with these beautiful lavender berries.

After the Bloom

                                                                        After the Bloom


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  1. Amazing photo. I’ve never seen lilac berries in my life so this was very interesting to say the least. 🙂

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    • Per the comment below they may not be lilac berries/seeds but Beautyberry, Callicarpa Americana. They look the same to me. So now I am not sure which they are. That is the good thing about blogging, you learn something new almost daily.


  2. Had no idéa there was such a thing as lilac berries. Lovely!

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    • They may not be Lena. Per my little research they are lilac erries/seeds but per the post below it may be Beautyberry, Callicarpa Americana. To me they look the same so not exactly sure which they are but ether way it made for a great post and some “conversation”.

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  3. They look like Beautyberry, Callicarpa americana. Also have lilac-colored blooms. There is some Callicarpa in our yard. I’m grateful to them when it’s gray and rainy.

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    • We do no remember ever seeing berries on this bush before. I know it is a lilac bush when it is blooming with flowers Then these berries show up. I researched it and it states that a lilac bush does get these berries/seeds (see link). However to also look like the berries you referenced. Either way they are beauiful in color.


  4. My mom had a lilac, but I don’t remember the berries. Guess I didn’t pay much attention at that age.

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  5. I have lilacs in my garden but have seen berries..I will have to remember to check this out next year.

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  6. A very nice photo. Colour contrast and all. I surmise the berries are not edible?

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