Almost at the end

I took a walk at one of the local lakes saturday and you  can see that summer is almost over.  It seems that Mother Nature is trying to rush the next season.  Although the temperature reached 91 degrees with full humidity today I could feel and see that there is a change coming.  Autumnal equinox will officially begin on September 23.

I do enjoy the fall/autumn season but I am not ready for summer to end.  Due to work schedules and life in general I did not get to explore all that I wanted to.  My to do list just keeps growing.

What season is it where you live?

New Brooklyn Lake

New Brooklyn Lake


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  1. It is the first day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, and we can’t wait for it to warm up and Summer to come

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  2. Love the reflection of the water! My quotes for this morning are to celebrate Fall, but I agree Winter I wish I could move for!

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  3. Rainy season. Which lasts 4 to 6 months and is a bore. Leaks, inflitrations, house got flooded last week. 4 inches of water inside despite our sweeping and sweeping and sweeping the water outside. But it kept coming in. In the end, we gave up and went to bed upstairs.

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    • Oh Brian that is a shame. I rememer when my basement flooded years ago and it was not pleasant at all. Did you lose much?

      I do not envy you during this time. Rain for a few days ok but 4-6 months I would probably go slightly crazy.

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      • No we did not lose anything. We’re used to it. So the carpets had been rolled away. The floor is tile. No prob. Center table is rustic wood. The couches got wet. We have to reholster. No big deal. About the rain here, it’s like the monsoon in Asia. Sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon/night. Just started raining and it’s close to 8PM. Be good

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