So So Upset

I went to Philadelphia with my cousin Michael to take some pictures on a rooftop of an abandoned school.  I learned some new things about settings for night shots.  I took well over 100 pictures of the graffiti, sunset, city Hall, and the skyline.

Everything looked great in camera.

I get home eat something really quick and get ready to do some editing.  When I insert the card into my tablet nothing happens.  It tells me there is an issue with the card.  So I try the laptop and same thing happens.  I put the card back in the camera and it now gives me an error message and says that the data base is corrupt and needs to fix.  I said OK.  I feel like an idiot now I have NOTHING at all.  It is all wiped out, just vanished!

My only tangible memory of the evening is 3 pictures I took with my cell phone (no edits).








Although I have don’t have much to show, tonight was a good night.

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  1. That is an awful feeling when you get a message like that

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  2. Oh my god how horrifying?!!!!! And there’s nothing you can really do about it, right? You poor thing. Hugs.

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  3. there are some programs around that can sometimes re capture lost data, I’m not sure what works on SD Card, but I have heard of people getting there images back, just don’t shoot on them before or you could lose you data altogether. Find aPC Geek, I’m sure they can recover them for you (even if it has be formatted)

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  4. Nooo! That was really unlucky and sad. Must say though that the mobile-pictures is quite good. Glad you had a great evening inspite of the trouble with your memorycard. I hope you can fix that somehow!

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  5. Better luck next time. It happens to us all.

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  6. Oh no, that’s really bad when it happens. It happens to us in Galapagos islands. We were filming crabs on the beach with the camera and we had so much fun, it was the best day ever. And yet, we don’t have any picture of that day because all the pictures were erased or corrupted.. we don’t know.

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  7. Shit, that really sucks!

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  8. So, so sorry about that. Have you asked some computer geek if there was anyway to retrieve the data? Sometimes there is… (My last PC fried last year. Motherboard and all that, but i was able to take the hard drive out, buy an adapter (15$) and lo and behold all my data was intact.) Try it. Got nothin’ to lose.


  9. Sorry this happened to you! I think I understand how you must have felt.

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  10. A good reason to go back it is. Do remember if it ever happens again, data can be retrieved most of the time.

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