A Stroll in the Park

An assortment of flowers from my walk in the park on Saturday.

The first 3 always make me think of relaxing on a beach on an island somewhere.


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  1. what park is this, is it in NJ ?

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  2. So lovely flowers, my favourite is the last photo with the bumblebee.

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  3. The red flower (second one) will always remind me of our house in Africa. Hibiscus. 🙂

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    • It is a beautiful flower always reminds me of an island. Have you ever been back to visit your former home?

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      • Nop. Going back is almost always a mistake. More in the case of Africa which is in such a terrible state now. And Guinea in particular. i google-earthed it. Looks like there’s a four-lane avenue behind the house where the dirt road was and the thatched hut african village was. I don’t think I will ever go back. I did go back to Kenya. Twice. The second time with my family. It was lovely. And my eldest daughter wolunteered there for six months with Doctors without borders. So we still have ties with Africa. 🙂

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