WP Photo Challenge: Inspiration (2)

My Inspiration/My Muse

I stated in yesterday’s post that my grandson Arai is an inspiration for me to take photographs.  Well this morning was no exception.

He was left alone in the living room lounging on the sofa watching kids videos on his Sprout Tablet.  Needless to say within a few minutes he managed to surprise us once again.

Lounging My Way

Lounging My Way


Check out “OH NO” and see what he did with all of his clothes on!!

Thanks for visiting and make sure you check out other inspirations.


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  1. wow great photo the challenge of reading and staying in the Now…

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  2. He’s getting so big! I’m surprised he can balance up there and not roll off. On the other hand, if a 55 pound dog can do it, I guess your grandson should be able to as well!


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