WP Photo Challenge: Inspiration


My mood helps to inspire me when I tend to think too much and I need to get out of my head. When this happens I grab my trusty Sony a65 or Note 4 and head out the door to capture something interesting.  Arai (my handsome grandson) is also a great inspiration.

Today and yesterday I was inspired once again to go to the lake by my job and take some pictures.  Nature and all of her glorious wonders is awe-inspiring.

Check out the what inspires others and maybe you will get a little more inspired too!

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  1. I like seeing dragonflies but not the lythum growing aloncg the water. The butterfly visiting it was nice though.

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  2. Wonderful shots. I never have much luck capturing Dragonflies.

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  3. Nature is truly wonderful and so are your photos. Great job!

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  4. Those turned out great!


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  6. Bravo Robin. I really enjoy your micro photography. The pictures are creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day.

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  7. Thank you for stopping by mine to read Willie’s story. What beautiful photos you have here 🙂

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