Dripping wet

Today here in the mid Atlantic region we are at the beginning of a heat wave according  in to the weatherman.  As I walked outside the humidity hits you smack in the face before the actual heat of 92 degrees (feels like well over 100 degrees) even has a chance to burn you up.

Days like this is when I welcome the weather of Arizona.  Although it was hot outside and you definitely felt it, you could breathe.  There were rarely (if any) days when the humidity was high.

This image represents the sweat that immediately began to drip off my forehead as I ventured out of the safety of my very cool air-conditioned apartment.

-- Dripping --

— Dripping —


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I hope you found a way stay cool today.

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  1. Enjoyed your post robin. In the Uk we Are enjoying pleasant weather, but not too high temps. Love the photograph, x barbara

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  2. I’m staying cool by staying inside with the a/c and the ceiling fans. Temp is close to 90 and the humidity is in the upper 70%. Nasty out there. Weeding can wait. 🙂

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  3. STUNNING capture! The weather here is hot also with some days humid whilst others aren’t – it’s a of the dice.

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  4. Great Depth of Field in this image. Beautiful photo.

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  5. I’m sweating along with you!!! That is, when I go outside my my nicely cooled apartment as well! How did our grandmothers survive without the blessing of air conditioning??

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  6. Veery good. Like it! 🙂

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