The Beetle Bush

I do not know the name of this tree so I decided to call it the “Beetle Bush”.  As I looked to find a good flower cluster to photograph I noticed that it was full of beetles either flying around or mating (and there was a lot of that going on).

If you look closely you can see two beetles mating.

~~ Beetle Bush 1 ~~

~~ Beetle Bush 1 ~~

~~ Beetle Bush 2 ~~

~~ Beetle Bush 2 ~~


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  1. Beautiful flowers and captures. Beetles, beetles everywhere this time of year. The flowers look like a crepe myrtle. In fact, I think they are the same color as my crepe myrtles. 🙂

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  2. You know it’s not good to have those around? Japanese Beetles eat everything and they’ll strip your yard. The best way to get rid of them is prevention – put down a milky spore into your lawn and the grub can’t hatch.

    I know they’re beautiful, but you don’t want them. We put traps out in our yard in Ohio and collected bag after stinky bag of them.



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