The tangled vines of a wisteria tree.


~~ Tangled ~~


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  1. Great textures in this photo!

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  2. Is that a gate they’re passing through?

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  3. Funny. I remember the enormous wisteria in your mother’s garden. As I write this I am in the garden of the little house I rent in Paris for the summer and looking at the “Glycine”. Flowers are gone though, but I like the way the leaves flutter in the wind.
    (Every tree has a different “Ballet” style with the wind and sun. The trees in Northern France – as in England – I love most)
    Take care

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    • Oh it has taken over her entryway to backyard. All the seed puds hanging down.

      I too like to watch how the leaves dance. How the shadows play on the leaves and every few moments it is a completely different scene. You should post some pictures of your garden. I would love to see them.

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