Side Street Sunday: In the Weeds (2)

This is the entryway that I alluded to in my previous post.  I have lived in this general area for many years and even went to the motor vehicle inspection station that is directly across the street and never noticed this before.  It did not hit my radar until I started to go this way to see my son.

I did a brief search to see what used to be here.  I imagined that it was some super rich family that once occupied this property. My thoughts could not have been further from the truth

As it turned out this is where they treated people who suffered from TB (tuberculosis).  It was called Sunny Rest aka the TB Sanitarium.  The facility was built in 1914 to accommodate 75 residence.  

Per the article in the link, one of the main treatments for TB was phototherapy.  It is said that the patients would lounge under the big trees and enjoy the sun in hopes of bring cured.

I did get a picture of some of the trees and they are big.

The facility did not stay open for long as a bigger treatment center, Lakeland, was built in Blackwood NJ.

Future post will be of the prison of the old prison farm.

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  1. Where is this in NJ ?


  2. Interesting and I really like abandoned places that is taken over by nature.

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  3. Unfortunately, TB is coming back big time…
    Not making headlines but becoming a serious health threat again…

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