Side Street Sunday: In the Weeds (1)

Every week on my way to see my son I pass a very old brick entryway on Spring Road in Hammonton New Jersey. The entryway is almost fully covered in weeds and vines of various plants.

For part one of my Side Street Sunday post I want to share just a few of the weeds that I noticed. I have no idea what the names of the weeds are but I have always liked the first one and I thought the second two were interesting.

-Weed 1-

-Weeds 1-

-Weeds 2-

-Weeds 2-

-Weeds 3-

-Weeds 3-


The next post will be on the entryway and some history on the location.


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  1. Lovely images of wild flowers as opposed to weed. The first one is wild Queen Anne ‘s lace.
    The second one is a green wild flower known as a showy milkweed. The Last one is definitively a wild thistle. To me they are flowers and not obnoxious weeds.

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    • Thank you Jean-Marcel! I have to agree with you a lot of so called weeds are really beautiful flowers. Queen Anne’s Lace is one such plant. The other two I am not sure about..I will need to Google them to see what they look like once they bloom.

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  2. They’re not weeds – they’re beautiful examples of nature’s engineering 🙂 Nice shots!

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