Wordless Wednesday: Just Peachy….

…..well just a few words.

A miniature peach colored rose added to my Balcony Oasis.




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  1. Beautiful.

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  2. Simply gorgeous! 😉

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  3. Stunningly gorgeous and the color is spectacular. 🙂

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  4. Thanks for stopping by and Liking my Off-Season Romance photo and poem. Like you, I “stretched” the theme a bit — it had me stumped for a while. And for me, I’m putting a poem plus words to the theme. Double stump! 🙂 I like your interpretation here and definitely like the color photo better. You really see the reflections, refractions the light causes because of the cut of the crystal. Many many (and a billion more manys here) we lived in the countryside of Iowa, and were looking to buy our first country home. One house we visited had these crystal knobs….so amazing to see that beauty on polished hard wood doors, in the middle of country corn fields. The juxtapositioning, now that I think of it, was quite amazing. Similar to your finding this on this car!!! This is the car, right?
    And couldn’t help but meander a bit – and found your peachy photo. Colors are so delicate and beautiful! Wondering if that’s why someone named the peach a peach? If you look back on my site, you’ll see a poem and photo called “Summer Peach” …. funny how sometimes you connect with folks in this little place called cyberspace!


    • You are very welcome. I did enjoy the poem as I am approaching my “off-season”. Yes I ad to stretch it because I did not want to do the usual winter season since it is now summer here. So I had to think outside the box a bit.

      You don’t see them anymore and only in older homes.

      Yes this crystal knob is now the handle on a car!

      Cyerspace is amazing. I love it. I get to converse with others, see and learn parts of the world that I would never have been able to experience if it were not for the web.

      Thank you for visiting and browsing around!


  5. What a pretty color.

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