Balcony Oasis – Part 3

I have been working on my Balcony Oasis over the last 2 weekends.  As you see there is not much space but I plan on getting as much on the balcony as I can.

I still need to do a few things before I can call it is finished.

The table and chairs need to be painted.  I am not sure if I want to leave them white or paint it red (I am leaning towards red).  I also need something to create different heights that will not take up much room.  Any suggestions?

I guess some of you may wonder why the styrofoam cup is in the picture; well it is because my grandson wanted it there since it is a plant that he grew in daycare.  He told me that he wanted it on the balcony with the other flowers.  How could I refuse?  I will have to get a proper container for his plant.

In Balcony Oasis 2, I mentioned that I wanted a plant that attracts butterflies.  I did purchase a plant called Dianthus which is supposed to bring the butterflies.  We shall see.


Thanks for visiting!

All comments welcome.

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  1. Your balcony is coming right along. It looks welcoming.

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  2. It will be a lovely oasis!!

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  3. That cup reminds me of our plants, when we were small. Any broken teacup or bowl used to become a home for a bean or fenugreek.

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  4. It looks really nice and like a place to feel good at.

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  5. I love your balcony, an oasis indeed! 😍

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  6. b’ful idea of ur balcony oasis. nice to plant a tree suggested by grandson,, I like ur balcony with colorful butterflied, keep it up.

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  7. A very lovely balcony. The styrofoam cup fits perfectly.

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  8. Beautiful oasis. Just right for writing 🙂

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