When you see this images you know that spring has sprung,  and summer and butterflies are just around the corner.

This is my entry for this week’s WP Challenge: Envelope.



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  1. That’s going to be an invasion of the… 🙂
    Great photo for the theme!

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  2. Beautiful colours and yes it is really spring now!

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  3. I love this picture:)

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  4. This is definitely ‘enveloped’ but in my neck of the woods that would means the tree is being attacked and the leaves will be eaten. Not a pretty sight but a great interpretation. 🙂


  5. hi robin! excellent pictures on nature. as m a great lover of natural beauty, it reminds me of my earlier trekking tour on Himalayan hills. best of luck keep it up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,kishan negi………..

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