When allowed to grow free

I went to the Cape May Zoo for Mother’s Day Sunday, we had a great time.

I previously  posted a picture of a wisteria plant/bush that my mother had in her back yard, well the zoo had this GIANT  wisteria that makes my mother’s plant look like a dwarf.


Wisteria 1


Wisteria 2


I was not able to capture the entire tree but you can two that is us extremely big.

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  1. Wow!! It is really hugh. Seems to be a beautiful place to walk around.

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  2. Wisteria is not something you see in my climate so I was so thrilled to see it all over the Netherlands when we were there this month. It is so beautiful – stunning in fact. 🙂

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    • It is beautiful. I assumed that since our climates are pretty much the same you would have wisteria all over like we do down here.

      Looking forward to seeing your pictures!


  3. Love Wisteria .. and this is awesome ..I had no idea they could sustain such height’s under the weight of all their flowers … I was always told they had to be trained or they would break, well that’s another outmoded programme to throw out 🙂 and always go with nature knows best 🙂

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  4. Wow! “Ossom”. 🙂 Never have see such huge “Glycine”.
    (Made me think of Monet and Giverny)

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