Mid Flight

My mother has this huge wisteria bush that vines all the way down her fence.  Last night it was full of bees that appeared to be in a feeding frenzy.

The smell of the wisteria was so powerful that it fill most of the back yard.  I wisht that the scent would last all summer long.


Mid Flight

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  1. Beautiful … & oh yes the scent is wondrous … its called Wisteria here in the UK .. found climbing up houses and around porches all around the smaller towns and villages .. is quite breathtaking when its flowering … I must go and check if its out here too 🙂

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    • Thank you for the correction Maia. I always confuse the two for some reason. I like them both and never get the names correct. I will correct this post.

      I also love the way it takes over what ever it is growing on.

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  2. Delicate flowers and such qute bee’s!

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  3. Lovely! And the white picket fence really Sets off the shots.

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  4. Ah, the heady scent of natures perfume ~

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  5. I was wondering what wisteria was in French, and thought it might be “glycine”. It is. (Google!) Wow. That’s an “ossom” glycine your mother has. Never seen one so… Big and dense.

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    • Google helps to answer Ali questions. What did we ever do without it!?

      This really is not that big they grow along some trees and gets just as high.


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