Balcony Oasis – Part 2

The re-beginning of my Balcony Oasis.

Last summer I started some work on my balcony to create my oasis in an apartment complex,    It was not quite right.  So this year I have started to get it together again.

Now I need your suggestions on what I can get  that attracts  butterflies. Any suggestions?

The pictures below is the p plant that I bought for my smack bistro table.



Thanks for visiting!

Let the suggestions flow!


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  1. The second photo is so beautiful with the light from the sun. I wish I had more intrest in getting an oasis on my balcony but my plants always die.

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  2. This looks like an ordinary petunia and they don’t attract much of anything worthwhile–except people who buy them. If you just want colorful butterflies then get a “Butterfly Bush”. They also attract hummingbirds and are a perfect patio plant although they grow larger when planted in the ground. I have used them purchased from this company:

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  3. The butterflies love lantana and parsley (they will lay eggs, and then the caterpillars eat all the parsley). I’ve also done well with letting basil go to flower. Salvia is good, but attracts bees, as does basil. Basil also attracts goldfinches in the fall.


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