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I love to work with water drops but it is so difficult to do them well. Using YouTube I researched how to make great water drops.  I came across Water Droplet Photography Additives.  

So I went out and bought some Xanthan Gum (found you the baking isle) and cheese cloth.  I did not use the cheese cloth in all honesty I forgot all about it. The video mentions using 1 teaspoon to 2 cups of water.  I found this to be way to thick for me so I just used a pinch to 2 cups of water and it turned out better.  The mixture was a bit cloudy but when I used it you do not notice any of the “cloudiness”.

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  1. Great tip and It made great water drops in your photos. Maby I’ll give it a try. Thank’s for sharing this.

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  2. this is great – I have just been playing with some liquid photography my self and it IS difficult.

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    • Thank you Julz. Liquid photography is indeed difficult. The Xanthar Gum does help with the consistency of the water. Most of my shots came out pretty good, I will be posting more very soon. Hope to see some if yours!

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  3. I quote like the droplets in these pictures, not just still on the flower but moving creating some action. NIce idea.

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  4. Wow! Great shots!

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  5. Huh. I hadn’t thought of that – I need to go check it out and give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation and information. It looks like your experiments went well.


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  6. Great technique! Lovely photos!

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