Today I browsed the reader and came across “” by Janice Sullivan.  She posted “Black Plexiglass Inspiration”  and it definitely provided me with some much needed inspiration.

Feeling inspired, after work I stopped past Home Depot to get a piece of black plexiglass.  At first I was a bit disappointed because they do not sell it.  After I told the employees what I was trying to do they suggested that I buy the clear plexiglass and tinted window film.   After seeing the cost I was again deflated.  The young man helping me must have seen the disappointment on my face so he discounted the film by 50%.  Now I am extra happy.

After leaving Home Depot I still needed to get some flowers.  I knew that I wanted something colorful but not sure exactly what.  I stopped into Shoprite to see what they have and to my surprise they had some tie dyed roses.  PERFECT!

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  1. Stunning!!!! So beautiful!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Blogging Path and commented:
    I love rainbow-coloured flowers! You made my night!


  3. Awsome photos! Really beautiful.

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  4. Hi Robin! So honored and happy that you were inspired by may post. 😉 I’m going to share this with my followers on my main site. Cheers!

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  5. Great pictures! I love the mirroring in the black surface – makes them so special!

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  6. These are so beautiful.

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