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WP Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

This weeks WP Photo Challenge: Ephemeral was a bit difficult to figure out.  First I had no clue what the word meant.  I am glad that the definition was in the challenge.  For those of you that are like me ephemeral is an adjective and means lasting for a very short time.

Waves crashing into the rocks on the shore line.  Although the waves will continue to crash each one will be different from the last.


Waves crashing against the rocks


Sorry for the dirty lens I did not realize it till I began to edit the pictures.


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Willow Creek Winery

Willow Creek Winery

Went and did some wine tasting yesterday down in Cape May with my sister-in-law Traci.  The second place we stopped at was Willow Creek Winery.


As soon as you enter the property you are right in-front of this massive plantation styled house that is the home of the owner.  It is very grand and impressive. My first though was that it looked like something from Louisiana.

As we traveled back to the wine tasting building we passed a chicken coup.  This is the Taj Mahal of chicken coups.

After the chicken coups there is some marshy land on both sides of the road that really make me think of Louisiana swamp land.  During the spring/summer when everything is green and lush I think this adds more character to the property.

Now we are getting really close to the Tasting Room.

When we arrived at the Tasting Room the General Manager, Kevin Celli, greeted us.  Kevin was great in my opinion this is the type of person that you want to manage your facility.  He made us feel very welcomed and explained things about the vineyard just made us feel comfortable.  His hospitality is mirrored in all of the staff that we had the pleasure of meeting.

When inside of the Tasting Room  you will see just how impressive it is with the large but not over powering chandeliers hanging from the wood clad ceilings.  This was a perfect room for any event.  There are several seating areas setup to relax and enjoy a great glass of wine and good conversation.

Although not pictured there is an enormous fireplace that creates a mood all on its own.

The young man who assisted Traci and I with our wine tasting selection was excellent.  He offered great choice and even recommend things that could be paired with each wine.  Unfortunately due to some great wine sampling I do not remember his name.

I am planning another trip to Willow Creek Winery.

Check out Willow Creek Winery’s Facebook page and home page.

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