An orchid to begin my day.  Stay tuned there are a few more orchids coming your way in the next few days!



Edited in SnapSeed

Edited in Snap Seed

Edited in Snapseed the converted to Black and White

Edited in Snap Seed then converted to Black and White

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  1. A great subject. Now that is where I find myself… in doubt. I prefer the original because of the shadows on the petals. Just look great, gives “relief”, er… 3D? BUT, the original does not do justice to the reds in the centre… Quite a dilemma. That’s where I would love a tool like a beam light, a stage projector!
    Nice job.

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  2. These are all beautiful. I chose the original because I think it does the Orchid the most justice. However I do like the sharpness the color edit give the flower. It was a tough call.

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  3. Love your black and white version, Robin.


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