Solitude & Rule of Thirds

I am a bit behind on my Photo 101 assignments but hope to get caught up really soon.

Here is assignment 5 “Solitude & Rule of Thirds”.  I went to the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend and it was GREAT.  The Convention Center was packed with visitors from all over.  It was hard to set up most of the shots.

I hope you like what you see as there will be plenty more flowers to come.

2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

2015 Philadelphia Flower Show


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  1. I just finished taking a 6 week photography course and I loved it. It is because of your blog that I was made aware the WP Weekly Photo Challenge and I looking forward to keeping up with what I learned about photography and to incorporate that into my blog. Thank you 🙂
    Your photos are lovely and its exciting to see flowers again!!

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    • Congratulations on completing the photography course.

      The photo challenges helps you to think outside of the usual “box” of photography and it will definately allow you to use your new knowledge.

      The Philadelphia Flower Show is a sign that spring is just around the corner. Keep an eye out I will be posting more in the near future. I have over 600 pictures to go through.


  2. Love the purple against the fence. 🙂

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  3. Both work really well for those themes. The third really does showcase the rule of thirds and the second has a nice balance of solitude. Very nice.

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