W.O.W Butterflies

Love is like a butterfly:  It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes. 
~Author Unknown

To I ventured to the northern part of NJ to visit WOW (World of Wings).They have an assortment of reptiles insects and butterflies.  Unfortunately the butterflies were not many due to an issue with the breeding but my sister-in-law Traci and I still enjoyed ourselves.

Today I will be posting the butterflies and in the days to come I will be posting the other interesting animals.

I just read an interesting fact about the African Moon Moth, the adults do not have a mouth.  So for their adult life, which only ast about a week, they do not eat.  They survive by living off the stored fat in their bodies.


Since he food that they eat is bananas and oranges I have also linked this to this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Orange.


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  1. How gorgeous! Especially those two blue ones gliding down the path.

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  2. Awesome shots and beautiful butterflies!

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  3. Stunning photos ,I loved the two blues gliding down too and also the one sitting on oranges…

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  4. Lovely butterflies, love the quote too.

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  5. Love butterflies! Beautiful!

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  6. Great butterflies. There aren’t too many “no more” ’cause of pesticides… 😦
    Thanks for sharing those.

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