Thru the Rain

Today was a perfect day for the 3rd WP Photo Assignment Water.  Here in New Jersey we are getting rained out before the “BIG snow storm” hits night.

A view of rain drops thru my windshield.  I did a similar post (Thirsty Tuesday) this past summer when this pond was lush and green.

Thru the rain

Thru the rain


This next flower is one that I posted last summer.  I love how the droplet is reflecting the grass and trees.

Life reflected

Life reflected


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  1. I love that raindrop on the leaf. I have to try that for myself this summer!


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  2. What an amazing shot. It is so bright with a little mirror

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  3. Agree – amazing shots!!


  4. The first photo is better taken inside. 🙂
    No incentive at all to go outside!


  5. Both photos are wonderful, getting such a close up of that drop on the leaf is amazing!


  6. We got the rain today, but you got better pictures. 🙂

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