A bit of street

For my second WP Photo 101 assignment that shows “Street & Establishing a Shot” I chose a picture from a day trip to Philadelphia back in December.

I believed if the car was not there this picture would have been better.  So I cropped it out and used “rule of thirds” for the post.

Do you think the car adds to the scene or is it an unnecessary distraction?






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  1. yes the rule of 3rds works very well for this!

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  2. I like it better without the car. The rules of thirds (I think) also makes it more interesting than being down the middle.


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  3. Cropping really helped your photo, great shot!:-)

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  4. Definitely the second photo and the black and white work well for it. Great shot!

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  5. Andrea Kenner

    I actually think the car adds interest. But I like both of the images.

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    • Thank you Andrea.

      When I initially took the photo I did not even notice the car or the trash in the scene. I just saw the post and thought it would make a great black and white picture. I am learning to review my scenes better.


  6. Nice. Removing the car adds interest to those papers (?) on the sidewalk. I wonder what they are.

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  7. I enjoyed the cropped a little better, simply because it emphasizes the strong lines in the photo. This is a great shot in black and white also!

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  8. I actually think both follow the rule of thirds. The original has the wall/sidewalk to the right, poles in the center and street/car to the left creating three sections created by the convergence lines even though the poles are centered. I really like this composition. The cropped version follows the rule of thirds in a more traditional manner, is well done and I like it but does not have the same intrigue to me. I guess my imagination starts to think of stories based around the car. I like that you did both though. It is a great exercise.

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  9. I generally go the traditional route when working with the rule of thirds. It is great sharing as you learn to look at things differently and get new perspectives. Thank you!

    I can imagine a few stories around the car and the papers on the sidewalk.

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  10. Yes, I agree, the car and the fencing are a distraction and removing them makes the image more balanced. I might have also cropped it to remove the sign at the end which would have made it more in keeping with tradition film. I’m left wondering if you explored the possibility of a shot from the opposite pavement allowing the posts to march across the frame – the textures of that wall have got me intrigued! 🙂

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    • Thank you!

      After I posted the photo I thought about removing the sign as it did seem like a distraction.

      I did take the photo from another angle and thought that it would need more editing to make it good, it felt busy. This version was understated which I liked more.

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  11. Loved the second pic 🙂 Great shot!

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  12. Without the car is much better – well done 🙂

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  13. I could not get your photos off my mind. I really liked them and your technical skill is very good. I didn’t express what I was trying to say very well. What you choose to use on your blog, including mood and perspective will be based on the goal of your photography. While I am absolutely taking this course to improve my photography I have taken many “pure” photography courses and that is not why I am necessarily doing Photo 101. I started blogging so that I could combine my photography with my poetry. Sometimes photos inspire my poems, sometimes poems inspire photos so my goal with this course is to learn to marry the two art forms to produce the best combination. In any case, if a photo is being used as an illustration for your writing, you may choose a photo that would be different from that of one used as a stand alone “fine art” photo. So if think about the reason you are producing the photo and what best fits the end use or best tells the story, it may make it easier to choose. Though having the skill that you do, you will have more photos to choose from than most -which is a good thing.

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    • Photography kinda fell into my lap. I always liked to take pictures but it was different before the digital age. When I got breast cancer I needed a release and treated myself to a digital camera. That is when the photography bug hit me. Photography helped (and still does) to relieve the daily stress.

      I started the blog because my family and friends all said that they loved the images that I captured of flowers and landscapes. To test the waters and to see if my family was correct or just being polite I started blogging to see what the “world” thought. There was no real direction in the begining and I am still finding my way.

      Except for the challenges I generally don’t have anything in particular that I am aiming for when taking pictures. When I edit them that is when I think of different ways that I could use it or wish that I had taken it from another angle.

      I would love for some of them to be used with poetry. I have found poems that fit a couple of my photos and I really enjoy how the photography takes on a new life when there are words to express an emotion.


      If you every see something that you would like have with you rpoetry just let me know.

      Thank you very much!!!!

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  14. Nice! I like cropping. Cleans out irrelevant details. Have you tried turning it around so that the bars stay at the right? 🙂
    (Why can’t I mind own business, right?)
    Take care

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