Is it mutual?

Are animals as fascinated with seeing humans as humans are at seeing them?

Wheres Bambi?

Where’s Bambi?

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  1. In the case of deer, definitely. The most curious of wildlife.

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  2. The deer in the middle was definitely watching me as much as I was watching her/him.


  3. Yes, especially when there is food involved. 🙂

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  4. I love looking at them because they are such beautiful creatures. We have wetlands behind us and they are free to roam and eat for miles. But, I’m going to get boos and hisses here, because the deer cause quite a bit of destruction here every year. Our closest neighbor feeds them right off her patio. Why I couldn’t tell you. They then come over here and eat everything plant, bush, and tree in sight. And, then they wander into the road and last year three were hit by cars. When it comes to large animals I think we should not mess with Mother Nature. 🙂

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    • They are definately beautiful. I love their build and gracefulness. I would not mind feeding them but from a distance, not in my back yard. That opens the door for bad things to happen. Better to feed them in their “home”.

      Humans are slowly but surely taking all of the habits for the large animals. Their space is getting smaller and smaller and soon they will have nowhere to go but in our back yards. I almost hit a small herd of deer leaving work last week. We are building homes where they currently live.


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