WP Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

For this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds, I chose a picture that was taken back in 2010 in Cape May NJ at sunset.


Cape May NJ - Black n White

Cape May NJ – Black n White

Cape May NJ

Cape May NJ

Which do you prefer, the black and white version or color?

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  1. In this instance I like the color image…seems to accentuate the scene

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  2. N ormally I would go for the B&W but not in this instance 🙂

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  3. I like the color version. The weakening light of the sunset casts a golden glow over that photo – there’s not enough contrast for the black-and-white photo. Lovely view! Sure can’t wait for beach weather…

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  4. I like the color version more than the b/w.

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  5. In this instance, I like the color because of the soft golden glow. 🙂

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  6. There are times I really like black and white but for this I like the color cause of the sunset

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  7. leticialullabies

    I like the color one because I can feel the warmth of the sun.

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  8. The B&W is good when seen on its own but the color really adds depth to the shot, so I prefer the Color version. I’d be tempted to darken it slightly and up the vibrance of the yellows to take full advantage 😉 Anyway, good choice for the challenge.

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  9. I very much like the color version. 🙂

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  10. Yes I too prefer it in colour…the warm glow makes the atmosphere for me…that light is so gorgeous.

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  11. The colors are just so calming. Beautiful!

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  12. Like them both 🙂

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  13. Like most of your commenters here, I like the color one, too! I do appreciate the black and white photos I am seeing on blogs for other photo challenges, and inspires me to try it out on some of my photos as well. 🙂

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