Before and After Challenge

Here are 4 photos (2 originals and 2 edited).  All edits done in Snap Seed on my cell phone.  I can use Photo Shop however on a scale of 1-10 my skill level is a generous 3.  So by default I use Snap Seed to do the edits.

I would like to challenge/invite anyone that is good with edits in Photoshop, Lightroom or any other editing program to improve on my photos.  I would like to see what they can become.

Let me know if you want the original JPEG file (I know RAW is best) and I will email it to you.


Original – No Edits

Edit & cropped with snapseed

Edited & cropped with snap seed

Original - No Edit

Original – No Edit

Edited with Snap Seed

Edited and cropped with Snap Seed

Thanks for visiting.

All comments are welcome!


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  1. Like your edits. Likewise, I tend to edit – not all- my photos. three main actions: cropping. I used to take great lengths to frame, not’ny more. No time, I can crop later, thereby eliminating unnecessary details. Light: sometimes I use automatic light balance, if I think it makes the subject stand out better. rarely do I work on adjusting brilliance directly. I do when the weather conditions or overall light were not favourable. And, of course, last but not least, rubber stamp out unnecessary objects or even people! (I’m serial stamper!)
    Good job on those three.
    have a lovely week

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    • Thank you Brian. They are also the main things that I edit in Snap Seed. I do on occasion add a bit of HDR. it helps o bring out the colors when they are a bit “flat”. I have never tried to remove objects/people. As stated my skill level is really low. LOL

      Enjoy your week as well!


      • it’s easy. Or easier than it looks. I never took any software course except for Basic and Cobol. There I learned programming. Now on todays’software, just select any picture, make a copy if you ruin it, and start playing. Don’t know about your programme but in photoshop, there’s a tool that looks like a rubber stamp. Probably have it too. click on the tool. Then select an area you want to… “disappear”. An empty bottle on an otherwise perfect lawn. Click your tool next to the object on the clean grass for instance. (normally done with shift+ alt) that area you clicked will replace the one you want to make go. move your mouse to the empty bottle click left keep the button pressed and move your mouse. You will see how the rubber stamp copies the grass and hides the bottle. Try it and tell me!
        Bon week-end to you!

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        • I use Photo Shop Elements 12 nd still in the early learning stages of it. I have used cloning (rubber stamp) to remove objects.

          I am going to work on getting over the basics in PSE I will not let it beat me anymore! LOL

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  2. I liked the changes. They were subtle, but really brightened up and emphasized the picture.


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  3. I discovered Snap Seed a few months ago and I LOVE it!!

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  4. I adore Snapseed…great edits well done

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  5. Great work with the editing. I admit, my post production skills are a 2 at best and need considerable work. Then again — that is one thing I have loved about my photo hobby, always something to learn and explore.


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