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WP Photo Callenge: Scale

Here is my 1st entry into this weeks WP Photo Challenge: Scale.  A little toy elephant from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.




  A negative mind will never

give you a positive life.


Reaching 1


Reaching 2


Reaching 3

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Its A Community Thing

Blogging is about sharing with the community.  If you don’t want to interact with others then why blog?

Flamingos - Philadelphia Zoo

Flamingos – Philadelphia Zoo

Flamingos - Philadelphia Zoo

Flamingos – Philadelphia Zoo

The 3rd assignment for Blogging 101 is to learning your community by following more topics in the reader and find new blogs to follow.  Choosing which blogs to following was easy and hard at the same time.  Most every blog that I clicked on could have gained a new member of their community.

Here are 5 blogs that I decided to follow (I am sure I will go back and follow some more).

1. R. Flanagan Photography

2. Jess Clifton Photography

3. Flowing Through Mountains

4. Yi Ching Lin Photography


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